Belkin N750 DB Router – System Time Problem for Australia

I have recently purchased a Belkin N750 DB Router and I am pleased with it’s performance. More on that later.

The router gets it’s time and date settings from the Internet NTP servers. The list of servers is a drop-down list of IP addresses, only one for Australia. The list cannot be edited, and the date and time cannot be set manually.

I set the default time server to: from the drop down list, Set my timezone (Hobart) and moved on.

It was some time later I realised the clock was completely wrong, it was showing January, 1970 as the date, and the time was many hours out. I pinged the NTP server. Nothing. The server is not running. The solution is simple, switch to another server. I am now using the Asia-Pacific servers, and all is well.

The ability to use DNS to find other servers in the pool would be good, but I have found a work-around. Check out the NTP Pool project site for Australia.