The HP Chromebook 11 and SlimPort Adapter Problems – My Solution

MyDP Slimport Adapter
MyDP Slimport Adapter

I posted some weeks ago about my trials with the SlimPort adapter on the HP Chromebook 11. I had purchased one adapter that worked most of the time. Ultimately, I decided it was the high powered HP  charger causing problems. The factory charger is wasted anyway because through the SlimPort it is reported as a low power charger. I guess the HP charger supplies more power than the SlimPort adapters can handle.

I am using an LG E2250V monitor. It is about four years old, and I suspect this may be an issue in some cases. Maximum input resolution is specified as 1920 x 1080 and this fits with the HDMI 1.0 to 1.2 standards. Later devices are backward compatible, but the HDMI 1.4 Spec was released in May 2009, so my monitor almost certainly does not support the latest spec. This may well be causing compatibility problems with devices built to the newer SlimPort Spec which was updated in September 2013 and is probably what is used by the HP 11. All the devices I tried are HDMI 1.4 compatible.

I have purchased and tested four different adapters.

The first one, as described in a previous post, is the MyDP Slimport to HDMI adapter. worked well out of the box, but began playing up. The Monitor began to flash on and off, and eventually just stopped working. I purchased and connected a high quality HDMI cable, to no avail. I was using the HP 3 Amp charger.

MyDP Slimport Adapter
MyDP Slimport Adapter

I removed it, and worked without a monitor. Coming back a couple of days later, and using the 2 Amp Nexus 7 charger, the adapter came back and worked reliably.


In the meantime I had purchased replacements of several types. Two display the current SlimPort logo, and two do not.

I will break my findings down into the two types of device.

Dongle Style Adapters

The first type I will classify as a dongle. a Micro-USB plug with a short lead attached to a small box with an HDMI port, and a Micro-USB charging port. Both work perfectly, with a low power charger. The one I used for weeks is a MyDP Slimport to HDMI Adapter as shown above. Amazon has it here.

Slimport Dongle Style
Slimport Dongle Style

The other one has the SlimPort logo and orange name.

Amazon has this one here




Lead Adapters

CY SlimPort Cable Adapter - Does not work on my monitor
CY SlimPort Cable Adapter – Does not work on my monitor

The other type is a lead, about 1.5M long with a Micro-USB plug on one end, and an HDMI plug and Micro-USB port on the other.

I have two of this style.

One is labeled With the SlimPort logo and orange text, the other is not, but it does have an orange band around the Micro-USB plug.

The lead type CY adapter with the Logo simply does not work on my LG E2250V monitor. It looks like this.

It works fine on my new TV, but not my monitor.

Patuoxun Slimport to HDMI Adapter

Patuoxun SlimPort to HDMI Adapter
Patuoxun SlimPort to HDMI Adapter


The other Patuoxun device has worked perfectly, and I am using it now as I type this. Amazon has this adapter here

Having discovered the information about HDMI standards, I tried the two lead style adapters on my relatively new Television. It has modern HDMI ports. A Google Chromecast will switch the TV on and change to the HDMI port automatically. Something only the latest HDMI ports will do. The lead style cable both work perfectly.

This tends to support my theory that much of the pain being reported is people with older monitors or TVs that do not have ports compatible with the HDMI 1.3 or perhaps 1.4 spec.


I would like to stress that I have no proof that the 3 Amp HP charger caused the problems I had earlier. However in no case did the 3 Amp HP charger used through the SlimPort adapter charge at full power. They ALL showed the warning that I was using a low power charger, so I have permanently connected a 2 Amp charger, and overnight it brings the Chromebook up to a full charge. If I am in a hurry, I use the HP charger as a stand alone device.

SlimPort is Future Proof

The good news is that the Slimport standard is designed to drive screens up to 4K-UltraHD video and up to 8 channels of audio. So I guess that is future proof!

I have been able to get the bad adapter to work in some cases by lowering screen resolution to 1024 x 600, but it looks pretty ordinary, and it would be an emergency measure only.

So for now, I have an option that works well, and a couple of spares.

I suspect the non-functional cable will work when I upgrade my monitor in the future.

Anyone want to buy a slightly used SlimPort adapter?