Arlec 3.1 Amp 2 port Fast USB Charger + GPO

Arlec DA30 USB Charger
Arlec DA30 USB Charger

A good USB Charger is essential for the Small/Mobile Office user.  Australian users will be impressed by the Arlec DA30 High Powered USB Charger. These are advertised on the  These are advertised on the Bunnings web site.

The DA30 has has 2 USB ports, charging at 3.1Amps plus a GPO (Power outlet). That makes it a pass-through power outlet. This allows two USB devices to be charged, while still providing a power point for another device. This is a Get Out Of Jail Free card for someone in a place where they can only access a single power point.

The label says USB 1 is 1 amp and USB 2 is 2.1 amps. Unfortunately, the outlets are not labeled, so I used a current meter, and found the left hand port is the 2.1A and the right hand port is 1A.

My research has shown that USB charging ports are not all equal. This device is advertised as being for an iPad and iPhone. I do not own Apple devices, only Android. I am testing charging rates on other devices to see how well it performs there, and it seems to perform quite well.

It has matched the best charging rate for each cable and device across all the chargers I have tested. In reality, most devices will not allow charging at much above 1.5A, so the DA30 is a good, quick charger.

I TRUST Arlec, an Australian company based in Sydney. The products may be manufactured overseas, but an Aussie brand used heavily in building and in industry will maintain it’s quality and protect it’s brand. Arlec, and Australian manufacturer, will maintain standards that many importers will not. I am using two of these chargers, and  recommend that Australian based nomads, both Gray and Digital, support Arlec and buy this product.

I have purchased two, and will soon buy two more. One thing I cannot get enough of is USB charging ports.

This device is a fixed 240 volt Australian pin layout. International travellers need chargers that work form 110 to 240 volts and fit multiple power sockets. This WILL NOT work safely overseas, but here in Australia, this looks good.

My only complaint is the Blue LED is a little bright in a dark bedroom.

For use inside Australia, I recommend this charger for daily use. Beside the bed, in the office or in the suitcase, car or caravan while travelling, this is a great device.

For international travellers or those flying with severe weight restrictions, you should look further.


4 Replies to “Arlec 3.1 Amp 2 port Fast USB Charger + GPO”

  1. I purchased a Arlec DA30 for use with my two ASUS Tablets.
    The Blue light comes on but there is no indication that it is charging. I also purchased a GPO with 2 USB same result.
    I am thinking the problem is with the TABLETS.
    The Tablets charge OK on the ASUS chargers I was just trying to cut down on some of the clutter.

    Any suggestions

    1. Is it a Micro-USB charger? Some tablets use 12v chargers. My old Acer is an example of this.Check the ASUS charger and make sure it is putting out 5 volts DC. Larger tablets may take longer to charge, but if it is charging, you should see the charging symbol, which is a lightning bolt inside the battery icon.

  2. Very disappointing performance. Even the right side USB charging port offers ver y slow charge. Compared to other proprietary units claiming 1A I doubt if this device delivers much more than .75A

    1. Im most cases the device being charged and the cable are the limiting factors.

      I have only one device that is capable of pulling more that 1.5 amps, and that only through a PortaPow cable.

      What device are you charging?

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