Asus Zenbook Windows 7 – Boot Issues

Asus ultrabook
Asus ultrabook

I have lost almost an hour by starting this Windows 7 Computer.

It took 5 minutes to start. The Logitech mouse driver had to be downloaded and installed. The manufacturer of the PC downloaded a critical update. The Logitech webcam downloaded an update. Windows began downloading 95Mb of updates. meanwhile I could not open a web browser, for reasons unknown. One of the updates hung at about 80% and after making a cup of coffee and doing a clean-up around the office, I decided to reboot the computer.

The PC stopped in the “shutting Down” screen for about five minutes, and then I held the power button down to kill it.

When it re-started, I chose to start normally, and was back up pretty quickly. Now more updates where coming, and a virus scan was under-way. I could at least get Google Keep open and begin typing this. I am a little frustrated, so the keyboard is getting a bit of a pounding, but soon I will close this machine down and go back to my Chromebook.

Well, the updates failed the first time, so I re-ran the installer. After 15 minutes and a re-boot, Windows 7 is finally working.

BTSync has synced files from another machine, and I can go back to being productive.

Ahh! The Serenity!


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