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Challenger:The Shuttle Disaster

I was sitting up, trying to help my baby son through colic, and watching television, when the Challenger blew up, on TV, In front of me.

I dragged my sleeping wife out of bed to share this terrible moment.

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For me, the seminal moment was watching a NASA PR person pull Christa McAlliffes parents off the viewing platform, as they tried to figure out what had happened.

NASA has honoured her, by performing the experiments she was going to perform in zero gravity on the space shuttle, years later,  on the ISS.

Look at them here, and think for a moment about the price she paid in the hope of educating her students.

Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe – Teacher-in-Space Payload Specialistcher-in-Space Payload Specialist

Going digital: How to take your music, movies, and books with you

A big problem for every minimalist, down-sizer, or digital nomad is how do I cope with the mass of books, music, movies and other entertainment I have bought over the years?


Rene Ritchie at iMore gives his approach at

Going digital: How to turn your music, movie, and book atoms into bits! | iMore:

How do you replace all your old physical media — your music, newspapers and magazines, books and comics, movies and TV shows, with shiny, new, space-saving bits? More easily than you might think!

In the case of using online sources such as iTunes, Google Play and Netflix, a good internet connection is essential.

For me, this is often not an option. If I am in a remote area, or a country or location with bad or no internet, streaming services are useless.

I have made more of an effort to save or convert much of the digital. Heritage I have collected, including ripping my music CDs and Video DVDs. The problem with my approach is that I meed to keep the physical disks as a defence against accusations that I have pirated the music and movies, so storage is required.

In that case, the storage needs to be local.

What have you done with your media?