Slimport Issues on the HP Chromebook 11

MyDP Slimport Adapter
MyDP Slimport Adapter

In my last post, I described how pleased I was with the HP  Chromebook 11 coupled to the Slimport to HDMI adapter. Unfortunately, after about 10 days, I began to have problems. The HD monitor I was using via the SlimPort adapter began to flick on and off. as the problem worsened over a few hours, I switched to a new HDMI cable.

This improved things significantly, so cable quality is a big issue. In the interests or reliability I purchased a high quality lead from a local retailer. The problem continued to get worse.

I did some reading. The SlimPort specification indicates that it is designed to put up to 0.5A or 500ma into the device via the charging port. The HP 11 power adapter provides 3A. I wondered if the charger was overloading or overheating the SlimPort adapter.  I began to fear I may have permanently damaged th adapter. None of the local retailers carry SlimPort. I orders two more, of different designs from the Internet.

Apparently the SlimPort standard changed recently, so I may be using out of date hardware. The latest ones have a red “P” logo. The two I have on order have that logo. The one I am using does not.

While all the swapping and connecting was going on, I also lost access to ALL USB devices, I did a power-wash. Everything came back except my passwords, they had to be re-entered.

I removed the high powered HP adapter and connected the 2A Nexus 7 charger. Despite warnings, it holds my HP Chromebook to about 2% power loss per hour while the laptop is running.

The Slimport adapter and cheap cable are currently working faultlessly, But I will report on the adapter I have ordered as soon as it arrives.

It removes the need for an HDMI cable by supplying a cable with a SlimPort adapter on one end, and an HDMI connector on the other!

More soon.



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